Why the phone's battery explodes? How to get rid of it


Why the phone's battery bursts. How to get rid of it?

Nowadays, we must have seen a lot of phones bursting around us, due to which sometimes it can prove very dangerous for us.

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Last year, there was a phone Samsung Note 7 due to lack of battery, the company recalled the phone. What are these risks? And how can you reduce them in your phone? We are going to explore this thing in this article.

How does the battery work?

First of all, let us tell you how a battery like lithium-ion works which is used by most phones. Its name itself gives a clue: Electricity flows from one electrode to another using lithium ion charge

When we use lithium ion batteries, lithium moves from the cathode to the anode and when we charge our phones, lithium goes back from the anode to the cathode

Why does the battery burst?

However, lithium has some downsides with Advantage. It is an alkali metal, which means that it is highly reactive. In addition, the battery contains organic electrolytes such as dimethyl carbonate, which are extremely combustible.

When these two come together, it is called thermal runway.
"Lithium and electrolyte flaming are two pieces of the hot chemical puzzle known as thermal runways."

"Thermal runway is when the battery cell explodes automatically."
Too much heat in one area of   the battery can cause a "thermal runway". This happens when an area of   the battery cannot cool down quickly, resulting in a breakdown chain reaction that generates more and more heat.

 In other words, excess heat causes a reaction that accelerates the rise in temperature. Eventually, it can cause a fire or explosion.
Excess heat can cause a battery's short circuit, causing internal cells to break.

  This usually occurs at very high temperatures, unless the battery is faulty. Overcharging can also be an issue, which is caused by the battery receiving more current than it can safely handle, causing them to overheat.

1) On dropping and damaging your phone
As you may have understood by now, everything will work fine as long as you are using a healthy battery. One problem that can negatively affect the health of the battery is the physical damage caused by the fall.

When this happens, most people go to the local repair center to repair their broken screen. After this, even if your phone works properly, do you have a second thought in mind that how much damage has been done to the battery?

Unfortunately, many people do not know that the internal mechanical or chemical structure of the battery can be changed by dropping their phone.
How can you tell if a battery can be damaged? Open your phone case and look at the battery. If any of the following conditions exists, consider replacing it immediately:

The batteries are swollen. The battery is showing distortion.
Frequent, unexpected overheating

2) Warm Temperature and Environment:
Although the battery has a built-in safeguard to throw out excessive heat or shut down when it is too hot, it is important to keep your phone below its temperature limits.
There can be many reasons, which make your phone warm -
Running fast graphics games that put heavy load on the GPU.
Using apps that use too much CPU.
Widgets that run continuously while you multitasking with the phone.
When your phone is connected to cellular or Wi-Fi, it regularly checks connectivity.

Talking on the phone for a long time.
Generally any of these uses is fine, but if you are using them in an environment that is extra hot, you may get into trouble.
In these circumstances, charging your phone can cause even more heat.
The phone naturally heats up during charging.
There are many ways to keep your phone cool and avoid these problems:
Remove the phone cover while you are charging it.
Keep the phone out of direct sunlight whenever possible.
Do not leave your phone in a hot car for long.
Do not charge the phone in the pocket or inside the bag, or any other place with heat.

3) Using the wrong charger:
Many times, the charger in the box pack of the phone is lost or left somewhere. At such a time, many people bring a duplicate charger of 100-200 rupees from the market.

The connectors of the charger are of the same size but the charger itself is not the same. And just because the connector fits, it doesn't mean you should use any charger

4) Puncture of the battery:
Lithium reacts to both water and oxygen, so a hole in the lithium-ion battery will produce a reaction. It smokes a little, Anything from a terrible smell to an explosion.

How to save your battery from bursting

If the phone is too hot, stop charging your phone. Allow your phone to cool down before charging it again and make sure that you have removed the cover of your phone so that more heat is released easily. Use original charger only.

Never overheat by charging the phone overnight. Many people charge their phones next to them while they sleep. it's dangerous.
Do not use a non-certified power bank.

 They can be quite cheap compared to other branded ones, but they can adversely affect your phone's battery.

Do not keep your phone in strong sunlight for too long, especially if you are living in a hot country like India.
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