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Fix bad mobile in 5 minutes
 Mobile power is not on. For this problem -

1. Check the battery

2. Check if charger is on

3. If the mobile is turned on, the switch is bad and if it is not on, then there is some problem in the mobile.

4. Now for checking shortening, check FEM, UEM, Backlignt IC, Audio Amplifier IC by removing them one by one.

5. Also check the power on button on the key tree.

6. Mobile will not be turned on due to malfunction of 26 mega crystal, CPU, memory, power IC.

7. UEMIC is bad even if you give both first boot error and first boot OK during flashing.

The network catches more / less -
1. For this PFO / Antenna Switch / Fame IC (Front End Module) is bad.

2. Antenna contact is loose or carbon.

Listing of providers is not available on network searching-

For this, any of the PFO / Antenna switch / Fame IC (front end module) is bad.

Network is coming but the call is not available-

The CPU / RFIC is responsible for this.
Provider's list is coming for network searching, but no access is provided on request-

For this, any of the antenna switch / fame IC (front end module) is defective.
Charging is not happening

For this, check the charger, charging socket, charging fuse, diode, charging coil, charging IC.

Not charging even when the charger is installed -

For this, check the charging protection registration, charging IC.
Display not coming

Check, clean, or change the display, display flap connector, display socket.

The keypad buttons are working automatically -
For this, if there is carbon or water on the tree, clean it, yet it is not ok, change the caped IC / CPU.

The message of insert seam is coming.
Check the SIM socket, SIM IC, clean the carbon of the battery or change the battery and see if the battery connector is lost, the same fault will be made.

The ringer is not moving.
For this, check or replace the ringer and its jumper, logic IC or audio amplifier IC.

The vibrator is running continuously.
For this, EUEMIC / Logical IC will be replaced.

Back light is not running
For this, check the light, display connector, display flap, back light IC.
Hands free is not working

For this, UEMIC, hands free socket check
 Short mobile fix

1. Check the buzzer through the multimeter on the battery contact if the buzzer rings, the mobile is short

For this, the following parts are checked for shorting.
1.Caped LEDs

2. UEM or Power IC

3. Pfo

4. Audio Amplifier IC

5. Bake Light IC

If any of the above IC gets short, the mobile comes to shorting. Check for this.

In addition, capacitors and filter condensers will check if shorting is not overcome.
Most of the PFO, power IC and capacitors are short, the same fault comes which will replace the capacitor short.

So friends, you can fix your mobile at home in this way, do not forget to share this post in your comment and share it too…
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