Water is life, then water is tomorrow


Water is life, water is tomorrow

 Hello friends, today we are going to talk about such an event that will happen in our coming time. You must have also realized how much water is lacking in front of us, "Water is life" of life without water It is hard to imagine…

"If there is water there is tomorrow", despite this, water is unnecessarily wasted. We should not forget that the solution to the water crisis is by conserving water. We have always heard "Water is life". A golden tomorrow cannot be imagined without water, water is required to perform all the functions of life.

A valuable resource available on the earth is water, or rather it is the basis of living for all living beings. About three quarters of the earth is surrounded by water, but 97% of it is saline which is not potable, the amount of potable water is only 3%. Of this, 2% water is in the form of glacier and ice. Thus only 1% water is available for human use in the true sense.

With the rapid pace of urbanization and industrialization and increasing pollution and a steady increase in population, ensuring availability of drinking water for every person is a major challenge. As the heat is rising, the water problem in many parts of the country is taking a formidable form. Every year this problem increases more than before, but we always think that just as the summer season is removed, the problem of water will go away as soon as the rain comes, and keep on thinking about water conservation.

The problem of water crisis will become more acute in the coming years, it is believed that the World Economic Forum. It is further stated in the report of this institution that more than 75 percent of the people worldwide are facing water shortage problems. The 'World Water Day', celebrated on 22 March, is not just a formality, but other people taking a pledge to conserve water

The large population of the country is not conscious of water conservation despite knowing the unavailability of pure drinking water and many related problems. Where people barely get water, people are understanding the importance of water, but the one who is getting water without any problem, they seem to be inattentive. Even today, in cities, water is ruthlessly flushed for floor polishing, car wash and non-essential works.

Polluted water contains high amounts of arsenic, iron, etc., which all kinds of health problems arise due to drinking. According to a study by the World Health Organization, more than 86 percent of diseases worldwide are caused by unsafe and contaminated drinking water. Currently about 1600 aquatic species are on the verge of extinction due to water pollution,

While around 1.10 billion people in the world are forced to drink contaminated drinking water and are living without clean water, this situation is a matter of concern for both the government and the general public. If meaningful steps are taken by taking quick steps in this direction, then the situation can be kept under control to a great extent, otherwise the next few years will prove to be challenging for all of us.

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