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The great exploits of science and space.
 .. Hello friends today, we are going to tell you about the science and space of such an act which will increase your knowledge by listening, let's move one step ahead.

 In the last fortnight, a private American company named 'Space X' in the space world surprised the world by taking a big leap. But before knowing his exploits, he knows a little about the company.
  In 2002, when a US entrepreneur, Elon Musk, founded a company called 'Space X' with the aim and goal of reducing the cost of space transportation and settling on other planets with Mars, consider this author including many People took it as a shagufa, a joke or a fraud.

  Since then, 'Space X' has developed such a series of launch vehicle named Falcon and a series of spacecraft called Dragon, both of which would provide the necessary goods to the 'space station' floating in the Earth's orbit. Are. As we know, a rocket is needed to send a luggage or passenger aircraft (vehicle) into space which launches that vehicle.

 With the help of rockets, satellites or spacecraft are placed in the Earth's orbit or the laboratories in space are provided with the material needed from time to time.

  The 'Falcon-9' rocket that Space X has built, takes the 'Dragon Space Vehicles' into space, made by satellites and 'Space X'. Rocket 'Falcon-9' made history in 2012 when it not only sent 'Dragon Yan' made by its own company into the same orbit in which the 'International Space Station' is already rotating.

Also, he reached that 'space station'. In this way 'Space-X' became the first commercial company to reach this 'international space station'. Since then 'Space X' has become a major private company collaborating with the US space agency NASA. Since then, 'Dragon Yan' has made several visits to this space station with the help of Falcon-9.
                                                                                                                         Thus "Space-X" satellites have been put into orbit and NASA has been carrying cargo to and from the space station. The Falcon-9, along with the Dragon spacecraft, was designed from the start to allow humans to take off into space as well, and 'Space X' was actively working towards this goal under agreement with NASA. Used to be.

According to the plan of 'Space X' company, now they will soon be carrying cargo as well as astronauts. But the thing to know is that in order to save cost, this company built a rocket which is made in two parts. Its rear part, leaving the satellite, vehicle or luggage in space, separates from the forward part and returns to the earth, which is then prepared for the next flight.

           It is noteworthy that in March 2016, the last part of the rocket that was left with the spacecraft for NASA's space station was miraculously landed on a drone ship standing in the Atlantic Ocean and then the same rocket was used in March 2017. One communication was to leave the satellite.

This company believes that if intergenerational transport is to be developed, then rockets will have to be built which can be used again and again, ie if you have gone from Earth to Mars and then you have to go from Mars to Venus. New rocket cannot be given.

 The vehicle will have to use the same rocket again. Thus, from this article, we have now got the information about the 'Space X' company and the rockets and vehicles it makes. Now you will know in the next issue.

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